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Cross stitch Blogs. List of 59 best Blogs

Source: https://blog.feedspot.com/crossstitch_blogs/



Cross Stitch Blogs

https://www.reddit.com/r/CrossStitch/ Cross stitch community - patterns, discussion, giveaways, and more!
https://www.needlenthread.com/ 75 How-to Videos. 75 Embroidery Stitch videos to help you learn
Cross-Stitch Craft Gossip  
https://cross-stitch.craftgossip.com/ Cross-Stitch patterns, reviews, techniques and ideas by our expert Cross-Stitch editor
Subversive Cross Stitch  
http://subversivecrossstitch.com/blog/ The original source of cross stitch samplers with updated snarky sentiments. Kits, PDF patterns, supplies and inspiration, since 2003.
Clouds Factory  
Contemporary cross-stitch patterns for real fans
Lord Libidan  
Stitch video games and contemporary cross stitch
Smalltown N' Stitchin'  
https://smalltownstitchin.blogspot.com/ This blog by Sandy: a little diary that not only shares adorable cross stitch samplers and other designs, but also little forays into gardening, home canning and genealogy. A great find for any home loving haberdashery enthusiast.
The Twisted Stitcher  
https://thetwistedstitcher.blogspot.com/ Vonna Pfeiffer.An avid cross stitcher and I adore sharing my enthusiasm and love of stitching!
Tangle Thread Stitching  
Tangled Threads
Stitching Corner  
http://stitchingcorner.com/ A little piece of cross stitch heaven. Free cross stitch patterns
Little Thread Crafts  
http://littlethreadcrafts.com/ Little Thread Crafts wants to be a place of learning, a “center of an industry,” a place of learning where communities or schools can use this blog as a resource to teach cross-stitch
Lizzie Kate Blog  
http://lizziekateblog.blogspot.com/ Lizzie*Kate is a cross stitch design business that began in 1996.
Kiwi Stitching  
http://kiwistitching.blogspot.com/ Kiwi Stitching. Katrina’s regular sharings include plenty of seasonal projects and wonderful haberdashery discoveries, along with a lovingly heartfelt collections.
Happines is Cross Stitching  
https://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com/ Run by Lynn. All types of crafts including cross stitch, crochet, knitting, dressmaking, polymer clay, card making, in fact as many types of crafts that I can get my hands on! She offers many free cross stitch patterns to download
Frances Johnson Designs  
http://www.francesljohnsondesigns.com/blog Frances L. Johnson is a designer specializing in Hawaiian designs for counted cross stitch.
My Time Stitching  
https://mytimestitching.com/ My Time Stitching. Cross stitch. Knitted cowl. Knitted Shawl. Knitting. Mermaids. Mirabilia. Sampler. Shannon Christine designs
Cross Stitch Fun  
Cross Stitch It's Fun Blog
I Stitchaholic  
http://istitchaholic.blogspot.com/ Fantastic blog full of patterns, tutorials, and stitch alongs.
Conie Gee Designas  
http://www.conniegeedesigns.com/blog Free Cross Stitch Patterns and more from Connie G. Barwick
The World In Stitches  
All about Cross Stitch
http://lpanne.tumblr.com/ I design cross-stitch patterns based on my nerdy interests. The only rules for using my patterns are that you credit me if you post a picture of something you’ve made, and don’t sell anything made from my patterns.
Thread Work Primitives  
http://threadworkprimitives.blogspot.com/ Nan Lewis, Cross Stitch Designer. Original prim designs
Stitching Dream  
https://stitchingdream.blogspot.com/ Stitching blog by Carol. I love getting to know fellow cross stitchers from around the world, discovering new stitching blogs, and being inspired by your work.
Avery Claire  
https://averyclaire.org/ I have a small finishing business where I take other people’s cross-stitch and embroidery and finish it into something beautiful. I love the creative process in this. I also am willing to teach others to finish their own work.
Cross Stitch The Gearys  
Pat's Cross Stitch Corner.
Ethan's Embroidery  
Ethan's embroidery
Justine's Cross Stitch  
https://justinescrossstitch.blogspot.com/ Justine has been stitching for over 25 years. Discovered stitching blogs in 2013 and never looked back!
Red Bear Design  
http://redbeardesign.tumblr.com/ Modern, cute, funny Cross Stitch Patterns & KITs inspire by happy, love and passion
Camp Cross Stitch  
http://campcrossstitch.com/Stitch/blog/ Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Patterns and Kits, original Camping Cross Stitch designs, Home is by the Campfire, RV, 5th Wheel, Pop-Up, Smores, National Parks and more!
Hooks And Chains  
https://hooksandchains.tumblr.com/ Eclectic craft blog. Mostly crochet and cross stitch but also embroidery, knitting, sewing, etc.
Cross Stitch The Line  
Modern cross stitch design
House Of Miranda  
https://houseofmiranda.tumblr.com/ One of a kind, bad ass cross stitch. House of Miranda on Etsy.
http://ringcat.tumblr.com/ 37 year old girl, creative, geeky and alternative. Living in my apartment wit my two cat that I adore. Posting my own creative experiments. At the moment foccusing on cross stitch.
Free X Stitch  
Finding the best free patterns on the web for you
Beths Basic Stitch  
http://bethsbasicstitch.tumblr.com/ A collection of my cross-stitching projects and experiments.
Ankes Needlework  
Addicted to cross stitching.
Badass Cross Stitch  
http://badasscrossstitch.tumblr.com/ Shannon Downey Chicago fiber artist who sees in pixels plays w/ needles. Helping crafty people get more analog in their digital.
My Southern Porch  
A blog on cross stitch by Laura.
Reading Stitching  
http://reading--stitching.blogspot.com/ Just a small spot in the world where I share my love of Reading and Cross Stitching. Run by Vickie.
X Stitch Librarian  
http://xstitchlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Kerrie's Blog. She has been cross-stitching for over 20 years and she is a truly an addict. Cross stitch projects but occasionally other stuff may pop up.
Garden Grumble And Cross Stitch Fumbles  
http://gardengrumblesandcrossstitchfumbles.blogspot.com/ Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch fumbles
Cross Stitch Kits  
Counted Cross Stitch Blog
Cross Stitches and cut bitches  
Cross Stitch like a bitch
Obsessive Cross Stitcher  
Obsesive Cross Stitcher
Crafting Paws  
http://craftingpaws.tumblr.com/ Cross Stitch Addict, Herder of Cats, Doggie Momma, Lover of Cute Things and Flowers
Spazin Stitches  
http://spazinstitches.tumblr.com/ The cross stitche sideblog of ohthestoriesitell. This blog will be updated sporadically as I’ll go long stretches of stitching and then longer stretches of not. 
Alpaca Stitch  
https://alpaca-stitch.tumblr.com/ Cross Stitch Progress. Aubreebree patterns are not mine unless claimed as such
Fan GIrl Stitches  
Fangirls stitches
Mahty Sphrere  
Math & Science Cross Stitch
Ribbon Forest  
http://ribbonforest.tumblr.com/ Ribbon Forest Shop!  Bright and colorful resin jewelry, cross stitch pieces, clay figurines, and felt crafts by Becca! My Crafts
Fall Boat Stitches  
A place for me to showcase works in progress and finished projects
Craft With Cartwright  
https://craftcartwright.tumblr.com/ Craft with Cartwright
Avrora Cross Stitch
Carefree Foodie  
http://carefree-foodie-tia.tumblr.com/ Foodie. Cross stitcher. Really confused student. That is all.
Liz Stitches  
Liz Stitches
Knot Your Average Blog  
Knot Your Average Blog
Erins Stitching Portfolio  
Erins Stitching Portfolio
Screaming Feline  
Drawings and Cross Stitch
Meow Stitch  
Just Add Awesome  
http://justaddawesome.tumblr.com/ Crocheter, tea-drinker, cross-stitcher, connoisseur of all things geeky.